Power line modem

I was talking to someone with Josh last night.

This is the kind of thing I mentioned


Maybe not the perfect match, but there are lots of choices like it.

when you do choose one - just make sure it can transmit NOT synced to mains, or else it will have problems communicating on a DC power line.

Thanks for that, after doing some research, I’m thinking of using the cypress chip CY8CPLC10 at this stage.
Looks like it will do the job, lets find out!

For all those following along at home,
We are looking at doing some communication over a DC bus, as this will be in a motor bike the voltage would be around the 13v.

Why don’t you just add some extra wires?
Well I glad you asked. Currently there is accessories on the market that allow power to be routed into the luggage, though the way they have done this is using pogo pins to engage the bag when you clip it on. So modifying it to add a third or forth wire becomes a huge pain and potentially costly exercise.

The idea is to have simple signals to start with (push buttons mounted on handle bars) be transmitted to devices inside the bag. This could be used for media or communication at present.

Anyway thats the basics, if your interested talk to Josh or myself.

The cypress one looks like an excellent choice for your small run of two units.

It has all the modemey, packetish, error correction-ness built in for only $10. No way you would try do all that yourself in software to save $18 over the course of the project :slight_smile: