Precious Plastic - machines for recycling plastic


The Precious Plastic website has instructions for building 4 machines useful in small scale plastic recycling.

  • A shredder (Turns plastic into small flecks to be used in the other 3 machines.)
  • An Injector (Injection moulding)
  • An extruder (Make 3D printer filament, etc)
  • A Compression machine (Larger moulded items, plastic sheets, etc)

I feel that these machines would be a great addition to the space, but they would take up a bit of space.

Is anyone else keen to have these machines at the space?

I’m keen to be involved in making them - Is anyone else in that aspect?



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I would defiantly be up for helping make an Injector

I’ve watched the construction vids , an these machines are pretty cool, but in reality I suspect them either going unfinished like the blue laser cutter ( my fault ), or many other unfinished “space” projects… or they’ll be built and work great and then languish as unloved things ( like the existing filament extruder we already have, or the PCB etching station we had, or many many others ). I’d encourage this to be done either by an individual ( or maybe by a cause), as this will encourage the end-result to be better. ( it’ll hopefully be looked after more).

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The injection moulding machine looks a little bit light on.

Catprog, would you like to borrow the Gingery book on making an injection moulder ?

seconding the injection molding, I was in fact talking making one on tuesday night to some people. @andrew1973 I would love a look at that book if there are no other takers.

I have a copy somewhere.

Id be interested in the shredder given as buzz points out the space has an extruder.

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Yeah, the shredder seems the most promising. Lots of members with access to failed or surplus 3D prints, there’s already affordable extruder kits around for making your own filament, the trouble is shredding the old prints for feedstock.