Presenting 12v

TLDR 12v

  • superhero teacher of all things electrical
  • lots of other inventive info and ideas
  • talks a lot and claims to be funny.

Hi HSBNE! My name is ENTER_NAME. but you could call me 12v or mick, or whatever you want if you think it’s funny and are being nice.

I’ve just joined/about to join because a friend told me/I saw a social media post/I found you on Google and I’d like to introduce myself.

Well I would have to say I went looking for HS’s on the internets long ago and many times since. I knew of this place for ages, but I was nowhere near brisbane. Unfortunate circumstances bring me to Brisbane but the HS is an awesome silver lining. I hope to teach what I know to whoever can put up with my incessant yap, some can, some can’t.

Personal Interests

  • Electronics -true

  • Woodworking -true

  • List anything and everything, even if they are completely random hobbies/interests like baking or sky diving! -probably would be here all day, and lose the reader too.

Things I am looking to learn or do at HSBNE

  • Tinker, teach.

I am currently

  • Studying SOMETHING at PLACE -no, self study
  • Working as a JOB_TITLE at PLACE -nope, poor and deteriorating health
  • Looking for work as a JOB_TITLE -artist and or teacher(electronics kits)
  • Anything else relevant! -I don’t think so right now


  • If you have any qualifications list them here.

  • They can be anything from an online coding course, to a forklift ticket, to a bachelor’s degree!

  • All woodwork and electronics.

  • Blender 3D artist willing to teach

  • GIMP photo-manipulation willing to teach

  • Gasifier, I know how to build, but have not had the chance, probably won’t get the chance, but I can guide you if we are making one for me one for you, we can build them together or as a group.

  • Interested in building feri-cement boat perhaps.

  • Excellent human search engine for anyone. No search engine bubbles. Also computer search engines only work if you know what it is you should be searching for. Humans can interpret your general interest better.

I got to thinking if anyone wants an intro to gasification, wayne keith has a good video online.