Project Blinkenlights

It’s my opinion that HSBNE can always do with more blinkenlights and so I’m going to use this thread to chronicle my attempts to design and implement more blinkenlight projects around the space.

But first, what is blinkenlights? Blinkenlights is a term used to describe diagnostic lights but has also been adopted to mean anything with fancy blinking lights.

One of the most iconic forms of this is CCC’s Project Blinkenlights below:

Blinkenlight/s counter: 6.


Imagine what could be done now with either loads of ESP stuff like your sonof boxes or wireless DMX boxes. Also now high powered / bright LEDs and colour!

It’s funny you should say that, because my first blinkenlights project around the space looks a little like this:

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So this is still progressing, I am currently preparing to build a more basic version of the above, based around a backlit version of our logo for the window facing the quad, in front of the Doom Shelves.

For reference, this is what a backlit logo looks like physically -

The plan is to initially do it with white led strip, eventually replacing it with either RGBW strip or the above matrix display which I have also planned out, shown below:

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Last night I began cutting some of the base parts of the design, planning to have it together this weekend.

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So in the past fortnight or so I finished cutting all of the parts for the raised front…

Cut the back frame that these sit on since a lot of these are fiddly.

I’ve also spray painted all of the front parts black, with the back frame being clear.

We’re very nearly there.

Next up will be adding threaded brass inserts to the holes in the clear parts, spacing that out from the backplate and adding the lights.