Project: Hidden Bookend World

(Drew Spriggs) #1

For the last few years, I’ve been making my wife overly complicated and time consuming Xmas presents. For this year, I have been inspired by this post and wanted to do something similar as she’s a huge book lover (being a teacher-librarian).

I’m going to try and make a library scene out of laser cut ply, then throw some angry pixies inside it for some backlighting. I have a rough idea of how it’s going to go in my head, but as always as I get started on design it’s likely to turn out significantly differently.

Starting this post as I am terrible with actually documenting the projects I am working on

(Drew Spriggs) #2

Where I got to today…not very far

Basic dimensions are 225x150x100 - around the same as most hardcover books, with the width of 3. I was kicking along nicely, then remembered that I hadn’t accounted for any of the laser kerf! From testing I did on the laser back in the day, I know it was around 0.15mm, so what I’ve done is allowed 0.2mm with a little nodule bit which protrudes an extra 0.1mm. This should give me a slight interference fit on the nodules, but reasonably loose everywhere else (assuming I get plywood which is 0.3mm - another story altogether. When I get some material to test and the laser is going again, I’ll do some more measuring to try and get this as accurate as possible as I had a bunch of issues with kerf when I was doing my ring boxes.

(Alex Wixted) #3

for you detailing, I would suggest doing a bunch of sketches before commiting to your 3d modelling. just knowing roughly what you’re planning will massively speed things up. Also collecting photos of alleyways/apartments externals for inspiration will also be a great help here.

(Drew Spriggs) #4

I’m doing a library, which I think will be a little easier.

I’m pretty much just going to make the library we’ve got at home, which is about the right proportions already thankfully

(Joshua Hogendorn) #5

Width will effect how well the mirror works so be careful going so wide :slight_smile:

Also if youre modelling the library it will be in you gotta model itself inside itself hahahahaha :smiley:

(Drew Spriggs) #6

I has a chair! I might add a few details in for etching, but it is the rough dimensions/size that I want it.

Managed to break Fusion repeatedly as I found it doesn’t like imported splines, but after redrawing them it worked ok

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(Drew Spriggs) #7

So, back to this.

Long story short, it took well over a month for a sheet of plywood which I’d ordered to show up. That, combined with keeping busy on other paid work has kept me away from finishing this off.

I ended up with 4mm plywood (which is ALL within 0.1mm thickness), so starting to redesign to suit. Thankfully I am getting a little bit better with Fusion so the process isn’t so painful.

I’ve set myself a goal of finishing this off by Valentines Day at the latest

(Drew Spriggs) #8

I gotta say, it’s a real jerk trying to lay out and design everything keeping internal/external kerf widths in mind.

I have the ‘bookcase’ done, which I will cut a bunch of different height pieces of plywood and create a stack to sit inside there as books. I think this is just about the main structure finished, except maybe a faux-chandelier on the roof, maybe a window at the back to let some light in from the LED’s, etc.

I also added some of the holes for the electrical stuff, although this would be very easy to cut by hand when it’s all done and assembled.

(Drew Spriggs) #9

Decided to test cut the chair as it’s unlikely to undergo any more changes before this is finishes.

Had to redraw a large amount of it due to Inkscape not liking splines, but pretty happy with how it turned.

It’s a snug push fit, so nothing will require glue

(Drew Spriggs) #10

Bookshelf and side done.

Still all press fit; I did have to trim one book down in each row so it was a more comfortable fit, but definitely not going to require any glue

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(Drew Spriggs) #11

Done all the cutting, just have to add the light circuit.

(Drew Spriggs) #12

Finished this off a little while ago. Although it was late, I got approximately all of the brownie points from the wife.

Getting approximately 10 hours of battery life from the lighting circuit - I wanted cheap and easy, so I ended just using a RC car NiCAD pack.