Proposal for "electronic discussions to formulate startup ventures teams"

I today patented a “idea” for a viable product with what i think to be worth having a go at. I need a couple of people with skills i don’t have. some market research into feasibility of the product is necessary but most of it i can do myself. but if anyones interested in having a caht about this it maybe satisfying.

I have a master of design and an undergraduate in marketing. would anyone interested be interested in haveing a discussion. people with engineering/cad drafting/sales skills be down for a chat some time?

just patented it today…cheers.

Can you post a link to the patent so we can review and consider it?

Or is the idea “electronic discussions to formulate startup ventures teams”?

the idea is for both. a key discussion link to source human resources. two heads are better than one. we should chat if you have any key skills to offer.

I always enjoy these type of discussions.

When you say you patented it today, do you mean your patent was approved today, or you submitted your application today? I too enjoy these type of discussion. Please provide patent number to further discussion.

Hey coffee appreciater (I dont judge).

I lodged online yesterday yes.

I would rather chat at hsbne face to face really. Ideally get a couple of people together.

If anyone can spare the time and thinks they may have the drive to develop a idea to presentation stage to clients that’d b ideal.

Of course there are options for development.

Maybe I am crazy, but there is a large market for the product and possibly financial benifits for team members (I guess ill need contracts), and as I am a little hazy right now I don’t know what direction to take it.

Why don’t you come along Tuesday night to the campus (our open night), plenty of interesting people there, introduce yourself and see how you go.


Yeah. I was planning to drop in.
It’s a bit difficult to organise things though when various people come in at various times.
If I do get people who are interested to arranage a chat I will set a time.

A better description is needed if you want to entice people.

’ i have an idea’ is not going to cut it, everyone has ideas, what makes yours special?

Up to you, I doubt you will get much interest here on the forums, if you don’t feel like just popping in, your call, if you do it won’t be a wasted evening, always something interesting happening, even if you don’t find someone who’s keen on your project.

Yeah I will b there tuesday at six.

Hit me up, keen to learn more and got some of the skills you ask for.

great to hear it Svenska.
Andrew, you going to make it?

whats a good number of people to aim for I wonder?

five i think. and perhaps we can use the room with a table. I will see if I can book it.

who would i ask?

I wont be there this coming teusday. It is my partners b’day (unless my partner wants to come to the hackerspace and check it out - and I doubt that is going to happen)

product design, development and marketing.

on a night soon i plan to invite those along who may like to earn some money and are interested in developing a patented product design.

the goal of the team will be to present a prototyped patented product design for market within 2 months in exchange for a described shared profit for team members.

The product is a personal user device for the public sector for both recreational and fuctional uses. The design in simple in nature, and may not require much work.

A professional estimate of market reasons the product viable.

if a group of people can get together in the boardroom i have the following intinary:

1.introduce designer and the patented initial product design.

2.establish who in the group can and wants to be in the team.

3.introduce and discuss design and marketing plans.

4.discuss financial arrangements and agrements. with the team the conceptual initial prototype in considering marketing possibilities.

Im interested in this meeting, when are you planning it?

Suggest a Tuesday night.

Let me just ask a question. If you were to assign it a technology readyness level. Which level would it be on?
Please give this a google before answering. Also know TLR 3 to 4 is the hardest transition.

Yes the idea is the easy part i guess.

the level of technological readiness i was considering was; being able to provide materials and details of construction techniques to a manufacturer of the product which is a modification of an existing product.

I have had some time to think and have discussed it. discussions prove helpful, and if a team of skilled developers were able to get together the level of ideal TLR maybe up 4 debate.

the product design formulated by the team and the steps 3 and 5 will formulate goals in relation to the TLR. cost and benefit factors in relation to development would be considered i guess.

I can’t wait to be a part of this. So keen for it. Meeting tuesday night yeah?