Proposal to change the drill press for a bosch PBD40

Hi everybody! i would like to propose to sell the drill press that we have in the shop and buy a Bosch PBD 40.

Note: kinda related to this, we recently received a donation with a drill press which is basically the same that we have in terms of features and specifications. As a matter of fact, the woodshop team after assessing the two machines decided to keep the old one. This means that in the case that we decide to sell the donation, the money could be used to fund this as well.


  1. Electronically controlled speed (200 to 2700rpm continuous).
  2. Digital readout for depth of cut
  3. Built-in work light
  4. Built-in led bullseye
  5. Built-in work clamp.
  6. We would be winning virtually 1m2 of floor space in the shop.
  7. The machine will be living on the mitre saw station and it will be embedded on the tabletop.
  8. once we have set up the stops for the mitre saw, this could potentially be used for the drill press as well.
  9. Because it will be on the mitre saw station, the working surface will be way bigger providing a better experience when dealing with big pieces.


  1. It has a smaller throat. I believe is 170mm against 120mm.
  2. It has a smaller height capacity.

These last two could be fixed or complemented using a good attachment for the hand drills. As well I’ll probably upcycle the bosch machine. IMO the trade-off is quite beneficial.


The actual drill press doesn’t require induction at all and so far that system hasn’t shown any problems other than maybe wishing to have better housekeeping conduct. The cause commits to improving the wiki page for the machine once is acquired.

Funds for purchasing

The renegade drill press that we have is around 700 dollars new, and drill presses tend to be sold at higher relatives prices compared to other things. We could probably ask $300 for it as is, and pay the rest using Space’s funds.

Current state

The renegade drill press is working ok, and today, Ryan and I, fixed the belt tensioning since it was rust welded. So the machine is in good working order.

I think you’d get better than $300 for the renegade. For that price, i’d rather just put the machine in another area of the space. forge or something.

I’m a little concerned about the reduced capacity on something like this. 120mm is not a lot. although the on sheet power is a little more, 560 to 710w.

If we looked right at the end of the scale, this is the fanciest drillpress i know:

so how does the bosch compare, at about 1/8th the cost? it seems to be mostly the featureset, the core specs are similar, rpm is same-ish, nova is more than twice as powerful for near 10x cost…

I mean, for the price it looks ok. just concerned about working area it can service. The advantage of freestanding drill presses is that you can get stuff ‘around’ them so you can drill something that is big and awkward.

If other team wants to take it, I’m happy with it. I could change the proposal to be a full CAPEX expenditure. As well there’s the new to us drill press available. Happy to arrange a different price if we decide to sell it.

In general terms, the proposal is to get something that’s more convenient in the shop and optimizes space a little bit better.

Yes, I’d def be in favour of the PDB40, I’ve seen excellent reviews and it’s a new generation of tool. Advantages exactly as stated by Ale, and I think probably less maintenance long-term because there is no mucking around with belts.