Proposal to get a concrete saw

I’d like to propose a 2000 dollar budget to get a concrete saw and a saw blade for it.
We’ve been trying to find one of these (electric) for hire but they seem to be nowhere.

We have some tasks that rewuire this on the woodshop and i understand there’s some other jobs around the space that need it.

@devians was thinking about getting

I’ve no inclination to any brand or anything just want to organise the purchase of the tool and getting it on the capex sheet.

Any thoughts?

Is there a reason we cant rent a petrol one? Why do we need an electric one? I am sure if we put all the jobs together on one day then we can just rent it for a day and make the cuts we need? We can hire it for 4 hours for less then $200 and that includes the blade…

I just dont see it getting used again once we have done those few jobs. Its not like we are cutting up the concrete at the space often…

I’m not sure.

In particular i have to do stuff indoors. Can the petrol ones be used indoors?

Do the petrol ones can cut flush?

Update - if you really need electric we can hire one of them as well:

Yea the petrol ones can be used indoors as long as it is vented… even the electric ones make a massive mess so adding some petrol fumes to it wont make any difference.

I am not sure about the flush cut… what flush cutting needs to be done and how “flush” does it have to be?..

Flush to the floor. You can see how this was done when we install the roller door.

In this video you can see how that goes.

Using the properly you dont have to do any work after you’ve cut the wall/nib.

I’ve seen the ones from kennards, could you please check if they are actually available?
I know their site is a little bit shitty in terms of locating where the saw could be. Maybe you can give them a call? I’m happy to drive a little bit to get the tool.

Btw @Duncan was doing some research as well.

Yea that saw is available in Bowen hills which is our nearest Kennards. I just called them and they said they do have it there but it depends on the day you want it as their stock moves around :slight_smile:

Cool! did u ask if that one can cut flush?

@BobbyHale last i talked to kennards, while they list the flush cut demo saw on their website, the only site that stocks it is the rocklea concrete center and they said to me that they’re not replacing them as they break.

If you can confirm that the bowen hills store 100% has the FLUSH CUT version of the saw, then thats great. but just want to confirm that we are both talking about apples and not oranges.

This is the flush cut saw: DEMOLITION SAW - 400MM 16IN ELECTRIC FLUSH CUT for Rent - Kennards Hire

I got a quote from the manufacturer of that saw, the HBE400. it was $1695+GST.

Theres no degree of flush cutting, it either is or isnt. for our needs, which is cutting things at floor height, we do need actual flush cut. The alternative is vertical cuts, jackhammering and then grinding to level. 3 diff tools, lots and lots more work.

To my knowledge theres no petrol flush cut saws.

If we can find somewhere to rent from, i’m all for that. its just not a possibility to my knowledge.

I’ll call tomorrow to bowen hills and rocklea to see if they have any,

I’ve called rocklea and bowen hills. None of them have the saw available, and both checked in all the other branches confirming that the saw is not in stock anymore.

I’ve asked them if there’s something else that could be used to cut flush and they say no.