Prospective member self introduction

My name is Matthew and I’m a 4zzz community radio station volunteer and announcer.  I came to a few Tuesday open nights last year and again just recently on the 9th of June.  Last year, I had an idea to get 4zzz and Hacker Space on each other’s radar, so to speak.  I still think that’d be beneficial to both organisations but last night’s visit was inspired by a number of other objectives.  To keep this introduction short and sweet, I’ll limit the rest of this post to the smaller of those…

I’m currently trying to understand the bitcoin private to public key generation process sufficiently well to implement it in a program without relying on someone else’s cryptography library.  So far, good foundational learning material has been hard to find - I have one somewhat promising primer on elliptic curve cryptography and one source file in which the author, Matt Whitlock, has implemented just such a program suitable for a Texas Instruments graphing calculator.

Any help, advice, questions and / or comments on the above are welcome!  Thanks for getting this far.  :wink:


Awesome, been wanting to contact 4zzz for a bit, would love to chat next Tuesday if possible