PSA: Gate Locking & Parking

Hi Everyone!

We’ve been made aware by our community neighbours (The River City Men’s Shed & Team Arrow) that our daisy chain gate locking will now also include chain links between each lock to avoid anyone accidentally locking anyone out. Please follow the lock-link-lock-link convention from now on when entering and leaving the premesis through the gate.

As you may have noticed, Eat Street is well and truly moved in next door now also and will be open as per normal this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When Eat Street is open, please proceed through our normal entrance and gain parking in our reserved HSBNE parks (or anywhere else). When Eat Street is closed, please park inside the gate behind the Men’s Shed or on the street, making sure to keep the way into the quad clear. The Quad is not for parking unless you are actively dropping something off or working on your vehicle.
We will be receiving more official communication from our landlord around parking arrangements soon and I will update as necessary. We are working on an alternative carparking solution with the landlord, parking where the large timber storage next door is and will be actively advocating for more parking options for the membership.

Please let me know if you have any questions around this.

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How does one open the locked gate?

I’ve made a post in Engine room about it

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