Purchasing wood

Can someone recommend a good place to get wood.
New or reclaimed is fine.

There has been some talk about HSBNE purchasing stock of various hardwood in bulk and reselling it to members as required, which I think is an excellent idea. I guess the two things we need to make that happen are up-front capital and an agreement on what to buy, and how staff transactions work.

Sorry, slightly off topic there.

For reclaimed stuff you can look at Gabba demolitions, who have moved to Rocklea and not changed their name. Depends what you need though.

Late to the party I know but for others looking these are a couple of the suppliers I use:

The demolition yard
55 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo.
Is a demo yard obviously so WYSIWYG, Lots of doors and windows. You are going to find lots of decking/verandah wood. A bit of aus hard woods used for house supports floats around too (until I get at it). They have a fair few slabs (mostly silky oak) at a reasonable price. Not open Sundays anymore, Mon - sat 7am to 2:30pm.

The Renovator’s Barn
526 Tarragindi Rd, Salisbury
Demo yard with more of a focus on completed parts (desks, benches tables, windows doors, glass (louvres!), sinks in-situ etc). Wood is outside and fairly exposed so ok-.>poor quality unless you get in early.
Seen a few stacks of generic ‘aus hardwood’ recently but not super impressed otherwise.
Mon - Sun 9 -3ish

135 Wellington Rd, East Brisbane
Kinda an upmarket Bunnings with tradie quality numbers for woods (fence posts, palings, supports etc).
Reportedly can order in exotics if needed but need asked officially.

128 Ingleston Rd Wakerley
Have some slabs and smaller cuts in the tool shop corner plus laminates and some blanks. Generally OK->very nice woods but not in large quantities and you’ll pay for it.


I will have to check some of those out.
I think the woodshop are talking about buying a load of wood and reselling it to people. currently there is limited space to store it and no clear plan how to resell it… but I think it will be a good idea and a cheaper option to buy in bulk.

I though would like to get some items that need refurbishing or can be modified.
I also wouldn’t mind using some wood that has a weathered look.
I reckon it would worthwhile going out with the trailer during council pickup times and looking for furniture or other wood items that could be reclaimed. (as long as they are hardwood)

Another late follow up but…