Pure Sine Inverters 2000W for a Van

Hello everyone, this is my first post. I’m hoping to become a member really soon. I had a question I thought I should post here-

I’m looking at a pure sine wave inverter to run a blender and a bunch of other things in the future from the back of my van.

I had a 1000W projecta inverter before but it wasn’t enough power for the vitamix. I have 2x100 amp hour batteries to drive it. the blender would never run for more than a minute a day so it should be ok in terms of capacity.

I’m now looking at a 2000W model, this is a few hundred cheaper than what I’ve seen it go for elsewhere.

I’d love to hear your input though if there are other options. I’ve seen cheap units around rated to 2500W @ $300, but also read reviews of them bursting into flames and reliability is important to me.

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Hi Andrew, my first post too :wink: there are a couple of things to consider before you go out and purchase another inverter. Did the 1000W projector inverter cut out under load or did it not even start the blender?
The Projector 1000W inverter is probably capable of providing 2000W for a short period to start motors such as your Vitamix, is it also a sine wave inverter?
Another step could be to measure the power used by the Vitamix when plugged into a standard 240V socket at home. I have a simple inline electricity meter that could lend to you to get some data. Then you’ll know how much power you need.

When I measured it, its constant draw went up to about 800W. it says its max is 1400, but i use the variable speed control to move up slowly.

I bought the 2000w inverter in the end - the projecta ip2000. Expensive thing but I’m sure I’ll find it usefull for many applications in the future!