Queensland Hackerspaces Grant program

Applications for round two are now open!

In an effort to make further improvements to the space and get more/better equipment, a suggestion is that we hold an open day specifically to invite members of local, state and federal govt and hopefully some media. This will provide an opportunity to show these officials how we could improve the space and what they can do to assist in a grant application. Given that elections are approaching, it would be advantageous to do this soon. I spoke to some grant writers who told me that politicians like a lot of visual displays that might demonstrate what the space can do for the community and how a grant could help. http://www.dsdmip.qld.gov.au/industry/priority-industries/advanced-manufacturing/hackerspaces-grant-program.html. I’d like to propose that each cause create/assemble a sample of pictures, visual displays, and/or finished projects that can be displayed around the space for an open day. I’m happy to reach out to govt officials and media to make the invitations once the open day has been set.


I’m currently working on a video to show at Supanova- no sound, but all highlights of the kinds of things we do at HSBNE. With a bit of tweaking is could also be used for showing off to VIPs?

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Applications can be made from 11 October 2019 and will close at 5.00 pm, 8 November 2019 (AEST).

Typically the executive team will round-table on these grants and arrange the applications for them. From what I understand the executive have been notified about the second round that is now available and are mobilizing.

Hi Rich,

Will you be in tonight this tuesday? might be worth getting interested parties into a room to work out a plan alongside the exec.

Sure, I’ll be there tonight

Come grab me and we’ll get something going, ask for Josh. I usually get in about 7:30

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I’ve read through the page and linked documents that @Rich posted, there’s a bit of document-collecting to be done, and we’re named in the list of round one recipients, which we need to refer back to in this application. But I think it’s very doable.