who would be interested to share a car at HSBNE to take to Rallycross/Autocross events?
I got just the car for that!
My trusty old shitbox has been replaced. It’s all sorts of #$%$%&%…
It doesn’t start and always needs pushstarts, just like a real race car!
The engine is leaking out of every hole, the body is more beaten up then a 25 year old feral cat, tyres are real nice slicks and some other stuff is wrong.
Non the less, brakes work fine, the suspension is solid, gearbox and clutch are alright too.

As you can see it’s just the perfect car to take a good beating in an offroad race.

The modifications to be able to take part are minor and will cost <100$.

If you’re interested put up your hand and we make it happen. The car is sitting at HSBNE behind the toilets if you would like to have a look at it and is still registered.

If there is not enough interest I will get the wreckers to come and pick it up. I’ll give it 2 weeks from tomorrow to see if we want to do it.



That sounds hell fun, always wanted to do something like that. Dunno if I have the time for it though, will have to give it some thought.

I call the first (only) drive.

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I doubt I could be a major part since I’m no petrol head, but I’d love to see it happen.

I’m out, not enough time :frowning:

Well, that is one of the things that it would be good for. Teaching people how to fix cars.

I think it can survive a while. If not, see above…

And, it turns out we got a TURBOCHARGER for that thing!!!

Thanks to @rut4ger!



I’d love to know more about vehicle maintenance, how do I get involved?

Do you have a specific rally/autocross event in mind? -could dictate the mods that are done to it…

So keen, strip it bare

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That sounds like interest to me.
I will deregister the car next week and then leave the key in a known place for people to work on it.
Let’s see what we can come up with!