Registered 50cc Scooter/Moped - expressions of interest

Greetings hackers…

I have a 2005 KYMCO MOTOR CYCLES YUP50 (VIVA) MOPED (that is what Queensland Transport knows it as) also known as a Bug Pronto which is still registered until 12/07/2016. I don’t use often anymore now I live further out in the 'burbs and also a car is more useful for my current work.
It is in rather good condition for its age in my opinion. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!
I had an aftermarket exhaust added to it a few years back which gave it a bit more grunt (like this of kind thing… Tecnigas).
It has a top box on the back for a helmet and storage under the seat.

So… anyone that has a car or motorcycle license and in need of low cost transportation or has a very cool project idea is interested in this scooter let me know.

Will post a picture later.


Is this still available Nathan?

Unfortunately not, I ended up changing workplace and it became much more useful again as I didn’t have parking and the need for a car day to day for work.

No worries, thanks anyway,

No worries, thanks anyway Nathan.