Regular Meetup/Hangouts

Late last year I started up a regular Woodshop Hangout to try to improve the interaction with new and old members and progress jobs in the woodshop.
I would say that it has NOT been a great success as I have generally not had many people turn up…
That being I note that Craft Punk (Meka) and the Metal shop (Drew) have also started up more regular meetings… (I cant attest to the success of these).

Whilst I have not had great success in my fortnightly meetings, I have changed this to a regular weekly meeting (though shorter) on Thursday Night (6-7pm).
I hope to get more contact with new members to encourage them and help them with their projects and hopefully get them more involved in the space.

That being said I would like to challenge all the cause leaders and regular members to start up and attend these ‘meetups’. It will give new members a better way to interact with each of the areas, and a genuine option for them to ask for or get help.
Even if it is only for an hour every couple of weeks I believe it will be a good way to get people involved.

I will try to talk about this more at the next meeting but I am hope people will add there feedback here.


I’ll make an effort to try to attend more of these, because we need to gain momentum somewhere for these :slight_smile: