Regular Woodshop hangout

(ltp) #1

I am looking to start up a regular woodshop hangout to:

  • Repair tools
  • Maintain tools
  • Build new tools
  • Discuss and help with peoples projects
  • etc…

What day/s would you prefer?

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday (morning)
  • Saturday (afternoon)
  • Sunday (morning)
  • Sunday (afternoon)

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How often?

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly

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(ltp) #2

Feedback preference was for Sunday afternoon fortnightly
first hangout will be this weekend Sunday 15th from 2-5pm

(ltp) #3

Well I have been running this for a few months, and apart from he first one nobody else has really come for the hangout.

So I am putting up another poll to see if we should change the day/time
I am also happy to take some feedback for if we need to change the aim or plan of the hangout.

Day/time for Hangout?

  • Monday Evening
  • Wednesday Evening
  • Thursday Evening
  • Friday Evening
  • Saturday Morning
  • Saturday Afternoon
  • Sunday Morning
  • Sunday Afternoon

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(Stuart Longland) #4

I’ll be honest… part of my lack of turning up was heat related … so hopefully with summer cooling off, I hope to be back at the space more often.

(Tiffany) #5

Super grateful for you organising these hangs. I am yet to come, but life has settled down a tad now and so i’m eager as to join in.

(ltp) #6

So I spoke to a number of People tonight at the space and have decided to run the hangout weekly on Thursday Evening.
So starting this week I will be running a Hangout from 6-7pm on Thursday Nights.

I will probably be there a bit earlier, and am happy to hang around a bit if there are things to do.
So come along and talk about dead trees.

(Tiffany) #7

Sounds good! See u on Thursday : )

(ltp) #8

So this has died off after I went away this year on holiday.
I would like to get this running again in the new year.
It was suggested that maybe another time/night would be better than Thursdays

Anyway, here is a poll with other times
please vote and I will put up the results

  • Mon Night
  • Wed Night
  • Thur Night
  • Fri Night
  • Sat Morning
  • Sat Afternoon
  • Sun Morning
  • Sun Afternoon

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I would rather have it on a set day as moving week to week will cause more confusion.

(ltp) #9

so I think I confused everyone when I started this discussion again… as I left all the old Polls open.
Can people go to the last poll and add there votes… thanks

(ltp) #10

Ok… so starting Feb we will be starting out the woodshop hangouts again on Sunday afternoons.