Renovating the Boiler Room

I’m currently renovating the boiler room, which is the room just to the left of the hipster lounge.

I’ve removed all the contents and removed all the existing built shelves etc, as well as sugar soap scrubbed all the walls and mopped the floor. Of course with the help of @theban and @Hamish_McGregor.

I’m going to borrow a paint gun from @buzz and come along, probably this saturday 1st august and mask and put down a coat of probably that grey we have lots of just to clean up the appearance of the room.

If we have enough parts (I havent checked) I’ll also put in some of the drop ceiling. Mainly for cosmetic purposes because I’m probably not going to be bothered painting all the way up to the ceiling.

Once thats done, I’ll be building cabinetry in that room for the storage of drinks for the drinks machines and for doom shelving. Depending on how the design works out I might be able to make some small lockable cause storage as well. (for things like consumables).

The goal is to make that room useful semi secure storage, ideally enough that we can decommission the storage room in the metal working area, while still allowing access to the switchboard.

I’d love some help, so if you’re keen to help me do any of these things, please give me a shout.

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I have contracted the plague. At best, if I feel better later today I’ll come by to do some paint prep.

I managed to drop by on sunday and drop off some supplies for masking and, with the help of @Hamish_McGregor move some stuff out of the room. Ended up getting called away to help out a friend in need.

Might attempt to get some more done on this on tuesday, will see.

Just for the sake or records, I’ve bought about $48 of supplies so far. Painters masking tape, masking drop sheet stuff and some disposable coveralls.