Replication of Taz 5 3D printer - Advice on sourcing parts cheaper

Hey guys, I’m going through this BOM to replicate this TAZ 3D printer. Initially I’m going to build 1, and if it works out we’ll build another 16 to teach people through a course on how to construct one.

I wanted to see if by quickly looking at any of those distributors you guys would have any tips on sourcing parts cheaper in Australia. obviously the prices on the BOM are nothing like I can get in Australia especially when I’m not buying in units of a thousand.

I’m totally new to acquiring this gear efficiently so I’m keen to learn how to be a bit more efficient with my resources.

eg the part number 8325-8003 from 3M is $12.85 from digikey, not the 35 cents that they get from TTI

I would recommend having a look at diamondage mako printer

The entire frame is MDF cut from a CNC (most parts are cut with a CNC machine with very little printed parts to break over time), there is little to no binding issues on the X and Y carriages, bed levelling is a breeze.

I’m so impressed with the amount of detail and design to reduce all the common problems with printing that I’m seriously thinking of building one myself.

I haven’t done a costing on this printer to make from scratch, but I can’t see much of the cost going into the frame as it’s all Bunnings materials. So the expense would be in the electronics and belts.

If you still wanting to build a TAZ I’m not going to stand in the way as it’s not my printer or project. Just thought I would give you a heads up that this exists.
PS the design is open source

Just a quick shameless plug.
We have most parts required. Just in the middle of updating stock levels, but we now have all the parts to construct 20 odd printers.

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The mako printer certainly looks interesting, ill consider that, and its a good reason to prioritise a router build here at our planned shop.

We’ve decided to go with the mendel 90, and got a bom for Australia. It’s ability to be parametric is really cool