[Reports] Repairs, maintenance and broken things 2023

Hi everybody, I’m creating this post for the following:

  • If you find something on the woodshop that’s broken, please post that here. If you can, attach a photo.
  • Any repairs or maintenance that’s been performed by the woodshop team will be posted here, so everybody knows about it.
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Today we have done the following:


  • Bandsaw Hammer N4400: We’ve replaced the bottom tyre that got broke the past week.
  • Bandsaw Jet JWBS-18: We’ve replaced Both tyres that were falling apart.


  • Combination Machine Hammer A331: We’ve replaced all of the inserts with a new sets.
  • We remove the oxidation and wax/buffed the working tables of all the machinery.

Last night the woodshop replaced all of the sand paper on the drum sander. There is now the following grits available ready to go.

  • 240
  • 120
  • 60

Please remember to to clean the paper with the eraser during and after use for maximum longevity.

Happy Sanding!

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We’ve replaced the missing and broken bearings on our router bit. We have cleaned most of them.

I’ve replace the clamps on the drill press and the bandsaw which were broken.

I’d like to remind all the users of the woodshop to keep up with the housekeeping when you’re using the machinery. More specifically when you’re done with the bandsaw, you need to park the parallel fence back on the rail and never leave it on the floor.

Blades sharpen

Big thanks to @Corker who deal with the sharpening of the Panel saw and mitre saw general purpose blades. He donated the money for the sharpening service!

The blades are already on the machines ready to be used.

Today I’ve changed the bearings on the router table. Thanks @Solaar for helping out!

Saturday 29th July

Ale and I changed and cleaned jointer blades