Request: Borrowing the Pallet Jack

Hi team,

Working at an event all this weekend and I (yay volunteering) have to move approximately 12 tonnes of equipment. The pallet jack we usually use just broke, and I was wondering if anybody would have an issue if I borrowed ours?

The plan is to grab it about Thursday lunch, bring it back in the afternoon once the equipment is moved, then borrow again on Monday morning to bring back Monday afternoon. If that plan doesn’t work out, then I would probably need it from Thursday lunch to Monday afternoon.

In return, I’d be happy to donate my trolley jack which I have just loaned to the Space.

I have no issue with this, on the proviso that you/the event replace it if it damaged/breaks beyond reason while in your care. Unlikely to occur, but worth clarifying.

Absolutely a given that it would be replaced if anything happened to it

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