Request for largest pulse jets or other jet engines

Hey guys,

Second post in a few minutes I know, but completely separate topic. Last week a returning visitor asked me and Rut4ger about the largest jets at HSBNE. He is wanting to trail and idea about the use of a jet engine in back burning and fire fighting and is hoping that we had something big enough to preform a small scale test. While I certainly don’t think he intends to do said test next Tuesday, he said he will be in on that evening so if you’d like to help out with this, have knowledge in either of these areas or a large jet that you want to show off, this would be the ideal time. His name Rod Eatock, although I can also point him out to you on the day.

Best of Luck,
Hamish McGregor

A junkyard turbojet engine (that is, a jet engine built using a car/truck turbocharger) is something that’s on my to-build list…I’ll make my way in next Tuesday if peeps wish to discuss…