Request for PhD research help

Please see the copy/paste of the email below, if anyone would like to take on B and C on behalf of HSBNE, please shout out below :smiley:

Topic: A request your help for my research on Hackerspaces

To whom it may concern,

Nice to meet you. I am Yoshiki Oya, studying architecture at Saga University in Saga Prefecture, Japan.

I’m researching hackerspaces for my graduation thesis at the university, especially to know how they are established, spatially built and managed by you.

I’m so sorry that I disturb you, but please kindly help me to get the information I need for my thesis according to the following items(a, b, and c).

As for the deadline, I have to ask you to send me the information by November 22, 2020, because of the time limitation caused by university academic schedule.

I really appreciate you for your understanding and cooperation.


a) Please take the time to fill out the questionnaire you can enter from the link bellow:

b) If possible, please provide me some floor- or room-plans and/or drawings in which I can know the spatial situation of your hackerspace.

OPTION: If you don’t have any plans and/or drawings currently, it is my great pleasure that you kindly make simple floor- or room-plans by hand and provide me them.

c) Please provide me some photos that show the layout of the furniture, electronics, etc.

I would like to sincerely request you to send items b) and c) to the following e-mail address.