Request to borrow a few of HSBNE folding tables for Saterday

Hi all,

For anyone wondering I borrowed 6 tables, 22 chairs on Saturday, they where cleaned returned Sunday morning. One chair was damaged on the day after a fairly “large” individual tried to sit on it and broke the spot welds holding the backrest on, but as per my original statement I have bought a identical new replacement from office works to take its place, leaving the broken (but still very usable) chair in my possession.

However judging from the fact that no metal was torn out when the weld failed, the spot welds where actually defective. While this probably isn’t that interesting to most people directly since a failed weld on a cheap folding chair is hardly unexpected, its worth noting since this weakness probably applies to the whole batch, so just a caution to other hackers to be very careful with this part of the chairs, particularly those of us of plus sizes.

Anyway I had a great weekend and thanks to every paying member of HSBNE, you really saved the bacon this time since other plans fell through, so be sure to ask me if you ever need help, I owe you guys one!

Kind Regards,
Hamish McGregor