Retro console restoration

So today i found myself parting with $50 and walking away with a N64, NES and Atari 2600.
If we can’t get the Atari running it’s case is going to turn into a RasPi emulator housing.
NES looks in good shape, but has a broken case, i have already found a replacement for $8 :smiley:

A few things I will be looking for:

Special tool for the N64 screws.
a few N64/NES/2600 games (happy to pay)
Lots of help and advice.

I have a security screw driver set.
Though I won’t be in for a week or two.

Nintendo uses tri-wing bits that aren’t in a standard security bit set; you pretty much have to get it specifically. If I knew where mine was I’d bring it in…

Headed down to carrara this morning, hoping the retro game dude down there has one.
it’s actually more of a reverse torx screw, looks a bit like a flower.

Damn it he didn’t have one.
looks like the long wait from HK