Robot legs

Does anyone know of a good tutorial for building motorized legs? (Just the building and not the software)

What sort of legs? Legs for bipedal motion are lots different to legs for a vertically adjustable desk.

bipedal. (trying to create a robotic hind legs for a centaur like costume.)

Not quite robot but useful nonetheless;

In summary, affix hind legs to hang from your back, use transparent fishing line attached to real joints to move the artificial limbs. Spring the limbs into extension to support some weight when on the ground.

Similar one;

Making it “robotic” though, presents great challenges if you want to do anything beyond mirroring the opposite front leg; there are various walk cycles, and the slowest (“the walk”) is the trickiest because all four legs have different lift and hoof strike times.

I’m assuming you don’t have uni budget else you could look at some of the iRobot or Boston Dynamics frames.

Oh, and apparently tails are great for hiding a vertical riser on a wheel;