Room renovation ideas

This is the thread to discuss the renovation ideas for Craft Punk. Please add your ideas.

Here are some of the ideas we talked about last night on the room renovation/rearrangement:

  • Lots of new plastic boxes for each tool/type of equipment
  • Get rid of white shelves
  • Get more metal shelving
  • Simplify box labels and put the extra info on the Wiki
  • Modular screen printing desk with all the tools integrated
  • Desks with wheels to make the space usable for different types of crafts
  • Permanent bench with sewing machine and other common use tools always set up. Above shelf with under lighting.

Some sketch ideas from people:

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Hey, would it be possible to get the room dimensions put up here?

This is the sort of floor vinyl I was thinking of. Commercial grade stuff.

Vinyl options at this place I checked out:
$250- 2m wide *24m (enough for Craft Punk and Digifab)

$400- 2.3m wide *32m (enough for Craft Punk, Digifab and games room)

I liked these colours because they won’t show up much muck and will work well with most design options if we do up the green room

Other options would require more joining so would be a bit of a pain and look a bit weird.

Need to confirm if we want to go with either of these options ASAP because they don’t have many big rolls left.

From what I understand the room renovation plans were around restructuring the organizing. Redoing the floor would be cool but I think we need more discussion first - forums and discord won’t be enough discussion so we should discuss this on the working bee on the weekend.

We did discuss it in the meeting last week. Most people wanted new flooring.

Flooring was discussed at the Cause meeting and the universal dislike of the carpet was expressed. Lino and a click together option were discussed. (Still not sure about forum discussions - here goes.)

I’d like to hear any other suggestions for flooring. I don’t know if it’s the pattern or the style that needs discussion? Let me outline my reasoning.

  • Laminate flooring: options within our budget would be domestic. Laminate floors are popular because you can move the room items onto the half finished section and it will correct minor imperfections in the floor. It is not waterproof except for spills that are immediately cleaned up or a damp mop (not commecial mops like we have at the space that flood the floor). The cracks between boards are textured and deep. The first paint spill will make the floor look crap as you will not be able to remove the stains from the cracks. The patterned surface is a thin layer on top of an MDF type material. If you walk on it with gritty shoes, it scratches a gouge right through the decorative surface. If you pull a heavy item over it rips it up. If a piece of equipment catches in a groove, there is a real chance it will rip it up or just chip pieces off. I have done my kitchen and dining room in a mid range laminate floor and I have encountered some of these problems already. I have felt dots on the bottom of everything and have to protect it constantly. Hackerspace is not the place for this.

  • Vinyl laminate boards: like the laminate flooring but with a lino/vinyl top. This is what is used in commercial places if they want to have a wood look. I am not against it, but I went in to get quotes. We can have this if we don’t want any new furniture. We are looking at $800-$1000.

  • Commercial vinyl: Can be harder to lay than laminate if you don’t have the space to empty the room and if you don’t have a flat floor.
    It is resistant to spills, water, scratches and is easy to clean. It is also the more likely option of what we could do in the rest of the building if we wanted to spruce it all up, so would be more consistent.

  • Polished and sealed concrete: If someone else is volunteering to do it. It will be a whole days work and drying time. Make sure you have a P3 mask and get proper extraction equipment.

  • Tiles: slow to install and will break when people drop stuff.

  • Carpet: obviously a bad idea around arts and crafts.

As far as I can see, there are not really any other realistic options other than vinyl.

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