Roomba on the Run

So, today @Thermoelectric put our trusty Roomba to work cleaning the Green room and… Well, it must’ve become sentient & executed its great escape, because we can’t find it. No really. After over an hour searching the space, both inside and outside in case it snuck out, under couches and behind tables, we ran out of ideas where it could’ve gone. Maybe it got stuck somewhere and couldn’t get out. Maybe it was scared by a big spider and went into hiding. Who knows.

So, um. If you see a random Roomba somewhere, let us know? And if you’ve become intelligent & are reading this message dear Roomba: please come back, we’re worried about you and we miss you!


Roomba has been located safe and sound, mingling with the printer.

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I’m positive I checked there many times… Of course it wanted to keep its office romance a secret, the rumours of an inter-appliance romance would be fierce.

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haha it is not the first time he has run away. I lost him for 2 days before, after a good long search! Once again found in the office all flat and dirty ;-).

I was going to build an electronic fence but maybe ill just attach a gps and wifi to log his wanderings :smiley:

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Maybe just a beeping alarm that can be triggered remotely?

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I kind of enjoy the hide and seek. plus there is the bonus of unlocking badges: ‘Locating the Lost Robot’


I really missed an opportunity there

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Maybe you did but it was still actively evading you?

When it’s actively evading you it’s akin to chasing a lawnmower, you can just follow the sound.

Perhaps the Roomba has a system to shut off the brush drum motor when it’s close to flat so it can find the base station? Then it would be silent for the end of a run.

It’s a little hard to tell just what makes it turn off, the lead acids would have to drop impressively low for it to think the battery is low. Usually it eats a cable and gets stuck or just randomly stops…