Ross River Fever

Hi guys,
It looks like I have Ross River Fever and the most likely place I would have got it is at the space. Can I suggest everyone wears mozzie skin spray while they are there.

Hope I feel well enough to come back soon :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. Brisbane is going thru one of the worst mozzie outbreaks /plagues in a very long time. Some reports are saying it’s the worst since the 90’s and others saying 15 years.
The council has done the biggest spray since 1998 with 3000 or more sites undergoing aerial spraying since September last year…
I personally have had Balmer - Forest virus … a few years ago… and was bedridden for 2 weeks and felt off colour for more than 6+ months.

I bought a outdoor mozzie zapper and it’s outside here at my house right now and it’s been zapping hundreds of mozzies an hour for over a week now.

It’s all pretty Crap really.

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I think I nearly died of blood loss last time we had a movie night.

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Someone should build a big tesla coil…

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Be careful making suggestions like that, some members might take you up on it :wink:

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Perhaps a photonic fence?

Good luck with your recovery @Boo.

I contracted Ross River on South Stradbroke Island back in 2001. Look after yourself it can take a decade to get over.

Good advice to beware of mozzies and protect yourselves.There are enough critters in the bush around the space to help spread lots fun things including Ross River.

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