Rostock Max V1 3D Printer

Hi All,

I’m in the process of building my Rostock 3D printer, but I could really use a hand or two. I’d like to use this build log as a place to post updates if we get a few people working on it at separate times. The printer is in the green room, and the parts are in a plastic bin underneath.

The assembly manual can be found here:

There are:

  • (10) plastic bags containing the printer’s parts (numbered 1 through 10)
  • (1) PSU
  • (1) Rambo controller
  • (1) Heated bed and mount
  • (1) spool holder partially assembled
  • (1) assembled delta extruder mount

I’m open to suggestions on how to proceed, maybe we can utilise Trello?

I’m currently on page 50 of the assembly guide pdf, assembling and adjusting the cheapskates.

I’m a bit out of my depth, and the amount of work left to get this thing printing is daunting. I know there are a few people at the space with experience which would help this along quite a bit!


I’ll try to make some time to pop down and help.

That would be awesome :slight_smile: When are you free? I’m going to be at the space tomorrow working on it

Tomorrow might be doable, at least for a while. Which stage of the build are you up to? I can probably bring stuff to help, though hopefully the space has everything necessary.

I just finished adjusting the cheapskates, and am finishing up securing and tensioning the belts. Next up is to install the extrusion platform, and assemble the extruder :slight_smile: Should be pretty simple!

OK, do you have the high temperature goop for the thermistors and such? I have some here, I can also bring cable lacing and can print anything needed. Kapton tape is also available if you need it. Take a look at Thingiverse and Repable, there are a few things like the spool holder arm that are better to print rather than using the melamine parts.

Oh right, and Loctite, if HSBNE doesn’t have it to hand.

I don’t have any of those things, it would be great if you could bring them :slight_smile: I will take a look at thingiverse tomorrow and print the things at the space. I should be there around noonish

Got the extruder 50% assembled today :slight_smile: Thank you to whoever put the final belt on and the platform on the cheapskates, looks great!


I popped in for an hour this afternoon, I installed the heating resistors in the hot end with RTV, it’ll take 24 hours to cure, then the thermistor should be installed. I left the RTV and some 10mm Kapton tape in the parts bag for the hot end.

I noticed that the Y axis belt timing belt is loose, and the Z axis timing belt doesn’t connect to its stepper motor, see photo. I would have fixed it today, but the V1 belts need to have hex screws removed to adjust the belts, and I wasn’t able to find the allen keys with a quick look around.

It might be good to print out the instructions from the stage you are at now and have them on site, then people can cross stuff out as they proceed. Might be too many pages, not sure.

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That is awesome thank you! I was in today and finished up the extruder assembly :slight_smile: although I may have to re adjust the idler assembly and get it to align properly. I wonder if I can mount the extruder up top?

Looking good. There are various ways to mount the extruder, including a “flying” extruder arrangement. You’re generally looking to have the bowden tube from the extruder to the hot end as short as you can get away with.

You might also want to have a look for some connectors so you can separate the wires leading to the hot end and fans. Basic molex connectors are perfect for the PEEK and layer fan, have a look for some junk connectors around the space, maybe off old computer case fans or something.

I have some heavy duty screw terminal connectors here that I am planning to use on my hotend down the track, I have way more than I need and am happy to contribute some. I’ll try to come in this week.

Unfortunately I don’t have any free time coming up to keep working on this. Although anyone is welcome to continue with the build :slight_smile: I’ll need to move it or extend my parking ticket until I can find time to keep building.

Yeah, I’ve been feeling swamped at uni and haven’t been down to the space since. I’ve got upgrades waiting to go into my home printer and haven’t even done that yet :slight_smile:

Today’s a bit nuts, tomorrow might be doable, at least for a while. Which
stage of the build are you up to? I can probably bring stuff to help,
though hopefully the space has everything necessary.