[RUSH - FREE] SMD component reels

Reels of SMD components. There are 21 reels of 0603 (imperial) resistors and 4 reels of 1608 (metric) capacitors. The vast majority of the reels new and untouched, I think the 10k and 1k have <50 parts used.

Located in Greenslopes, ideally I’d like something for them but realistically it’s either get rid or bin so I’ll take whatever you think it’s worth, even if that’s nothing.

I bought them a while ago in bulk from China and went through some reels, threw them out and have these left. I’m leaving the country for an extended period of time very soon so just need to get rid of them, if they aren’t picked up soon they’ll just be going in the bin unfortunately.

Capacitors, 4000 pc reels, I think 10%:
100 nF
1 uF
4.7 uF
10 uF

Resistors 5000 pc reels, all 1%:
10 Ω
22 Ω
51 Ω
100 Ω
220 Ω
330 Ω
510 Ω
1k Ω
2k2 Ω
3k3 Ω
5k1 Ω
10k Ω
22k Ω
33k Ω
51k Ω
100k Ω
220k Ω
330k Ω
510k Ω
620k Ω
1M Ω

I would like to take these. Though, I won’t be able to pick them up until Friday.
Is this too late?
If someone grabs them before me that’s fine.

I’ll be gone by Friday but I can make sure they are out and available for you. Ideally it’d be sooner but if nobody else wants them and can get to them before you, then they’re yours (I’d rather not leave stuff for my flatmates to clean up for me).