Science Lab Cause

Hi Everyone
The Science Lab cause will be having a meetup each Tuesday at 7pm (including this one), until the hackerspace relaunch party at the end of February.
The first meeting will be in the classroom.

I have done up a document for the science lab, which the exec have looked over just in case. In the first meeting we will be going through this document and getting people on board with the action plan.

We will also be discussing what work should done on the 31st for the big cleanup/work day. After the meeting we will get our first deadline finished.

You don’t have to be a member of the science lab cause to be involved, everyone is welcome.

A reminder that there will be another Science Lab meeting on Tuesday at 7pm, this time we are meeting in the science lab.
After the working day today a large amount of unusable stuff has been thrown out and the science lab has been re-organized. Things are already looking much nicer.

So, on Tuesday we will be doing the following:
-Sorting and putting away the photo development supplies and equipment.
-Cleaning the metal lockers so they can be used again. (Cause Document, Deadline 3).
-Finishing the cleaning of the room
-Moving the SNARC to the other side of the door
-Connecting the fume hood vent to the outside. (overdue)
-Looking at plans for making the photo development room nicer and ready for classes.

Even if you wont be able to help, still pop in and say hello :smile:

I would just like to add one more topic for this Tuesday.
Today at “masters” I noticed them selling half decent paint for $20 a tin. One tin should be able to do the science lab, or most of it.
If we were going to paint the room there are a few other things we might need to consider, so we will discuss this on Tuesday.

We need to get some ventilation, like fans in that room. It’s damn hot in there :c

@Leon Sounds good, on Tuesday I will show you what stuff we have, and we can put something together.

Today we:

  • packed away the photo development equipment
  • Discussed the plan for the photo development room
  • Decided that painting the room before the re-opening day will be too difficult/expensive.
  • I will be getting glass/plastic ware to get the room ready, reimbursement to be discussed later, however the group consensus generally supported it.

The fume hood has been mostly set up and requires only a little more work to be properly vented outside. We are waiting on some new info before we move the SNARC to the other side of the door. The metal lockers have been postponed.

We are discussing meeting on Saturday to do some work in the science lab, probably around midday or 2pm.

Next Tuesday I would like to propose we each put in $5 to get some plywood for dressing up the photo development area. If there is something else you think would be good let us know.

I can drop in to help on Saturday. Had to run off early last night so couldn’t help with the fume hood.

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Yep, ill definitely be there on Saturday at midday. Ill also let Alan and Geoffry know.

Hi Everyone.
Tonight there will be a meeting in the science lab again. 7pm
If you are interested in putting in $5-$10 to help us get plywood to cover up the toilets in the photo development area, that would be sweet. If you want your plywood money to go somewhere else then let me know.

I am going to get the glassware on the way to the space today, then we should be ready to do titration.
We are putting some finishing touches in and finishing the cleanup and that will be just about everything we planned to do before relaunch day.

I would also like to thank Alan and Geoffry for their work on Saturday, we got everything done a lot faster then I expected and so we got stuck into some new and more fun jobs.

Hi science lab! Just checking in with @Hayden and members to see how things are going with the letter B for the HSBNE sign. We need to have all letters done by this week so they are ready for the metal frame. I have scheduled this Sunday arvo 15th Feb as a finishing off day for all the letters. Can I get a show of virtual hands who would like to come and hack the letter then? Woodworking will also be doing theirs then, from 2pm onwards.

Saturday would be better as I will be at the space and am busy on Sunday.
Ill see if i can chase up details and get my part finished.

Hi Everyone

This Friday we will be doing the final working bee before the relaunch party. This means everything has to be finished.
There are a lot of finishing touches to put in, so all the help we can get will be greatly appreciated.
I should be there around midday till late, so feel free to come along after work.
We will also be setting up a few standard experiments for the science lab area, this might be an interesting experience for some people.

PS. Today I took the water bath home to play around with sous-vide (water oven) cooking.
If anyone is interested in having something sous-vide cooked for dinner, give me a call in advance.

Hayden P.

Don’t know if this is the right place for this, any way.

Im going to be doing some pcb etching soon, I have used cupic chloride with moderate success, I like it because it is easy to make, cheap, but hard to maintain (realllly really shouldn’t tip it down the drains…).

Been thinking since you got all the fancy titration equipment this would be a good use to maintain the copper levels in the enchant.

If I get super keen and need lots of work etched (I can run classes if people want) or if other people are interested, I can put together a etchannt sprayer/aerator for super fast eatching times, this also reduces the need to keep adding hydrogen peroxide to re oxygenate the mixture.



Ages ago I built an ammonium persulphate bubble tank for the space. its still floating about but its pretty busted up last I checked, which is frustrating.

I’d really love for us to have a cupric chloride setup, the magic green stuff seems ideal for our use style. Especially if you want to make a sprayer, that would be extra super awesome. Let me know if I can help you out there. (with the laser cutter running again maybe we can make a super sexy one :P) We can probably cannibalise anything useful from the old etchant tank setup if its useful. Main components are the bubble pump and the heating element.

Cool cool, was thinking using a venturi blower, no moving parts, can stick it in the tank and could probably print one.

Blair in the electronics cause is going to set up a pcb etching station in the science lab. You should talk to him as he has been reviewing a lot of different processes.

I’m running late on my jobs today and will probably arrive around 2 or 3pm.

Hi everyone
The science lab will be running a course this month, however we were interested in what you would like for us to do?
Please let us know if your interested in any of the following:

  • Photo Development (black and white)
  • coffee preparation
  • Sous vide dinner
  • Carbonated Ice-cream
  • Make cheese into liquid cheese
  • introduction to chromatography
  • introduction to chemical principles (theory)
  • introduction to sports science (involves running)
  • anything else you may be interested in

Hayden P.

Carbon snakes. Always carbon snakes. (Photo development is better, given how hard it is to get 4x5s developed now.)

Hi Everyone
The Science lab will be having another meeting this Tuesday at 7pm.

  • The action plan for the science lab has been completed, and we need to discuss the plan for the next 3-6 months.
  • We will go over the funding and set some goals
  • We also need to discuss what classes we will run over the next 3 months.