Scrapping the Wide Format Printer

Hi All,

The wide format printer that is in the green room is beyond economical repair, so it has been decided to scrap it for parts. I have done a few of these before and it is good fun seeing how it was made and discovering the useful parts inside.

Would anyone like to join me? Maybe Sunday this weekend or next weekend?

Hi Ben, I would be interested in doing that with you and seeing how it is put together.
Sunday PM would be my preference - what is yours?

Cool, I’ll try to get there after lunch on Sunday and will be there until the early evening.

I have a head cold. But if i pull up well tomorrow morning, id love to smash i mean see how the printer was put together tomorrow.

Be there or be square! :slight_smile:

Are you talking about the Plotter?
If you are talking about the plotter, I have seen it working a few years back,
when the Digifab room was in the corner.
I am not so sure that it is broken.
Maybe you should speak to the people who did use it then,
Maybe Nog would know who was playing with it or some of the
people who have been coming to the space for many years, would
probably know what is going on with it.
It might be just that it is not supported by (modern) latest drivers and OS.
But, anyway, no one has been using it and keeping it running for years, I suppose.

Jacques, this was a recent donation. The machine doesn’t work, and it seems hard/expensive to fix. Pretty much was donated before goind to ewaste.

Hey Jacques,

I can confirm this is a different plotter,
The plotter that was working was thrown out a few years ago as it was a print head failure and a few belts snapped.

The usage was quite low as well and ink was really expensive.

I was hoping this new one might have been a bit more repairable but from what I can see I guess now

Hi Aaron, thank you for clarifying.

Thank you for the info.
Happy tearing down!!!
That will be an interesting one.

I wonder if I could get some video of it for the lounge tv.

I’ll see if I can get some for you.

@Steve I’m about to get started…

Take lots of video for me. I was planing to come but have been delayed.

Job’s a good 'un

This was recycled

and these are the parts worth re-using

The stepper is a Nema 24 type @ 2A so half decent.

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@Catprog, I took some video and images Will bring them in on Tuesday on a USB for you.

I have now arrived


All the usable parts from the printer are now on the tall bench at the back of the green room.

If you want any of these, first in best dressed.

The stepper is a good 2A one. The blower fan also looks pretty good (but be aware it may have some ink on it).

The brown PCB is a good looking Power supply, but be warned to use it would require dealing with mains voltage and is very dangerous unless you know what you are doing. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The shaft with all the plastic mounting points is a linear rail. There is another good long shaft and some various sections of pipe.

I’ll leave this there for 2 weeks then I’ll dispose of it.