Screen printing

This is a discusion to talk about what we need to make our screen printing set up better. Please add your ideas.

Hi Boo as discussed I have Ultra Violet Lamp Set ups if they are of use, they are big 5KW units

Chino, how large are the units and do they collimation optics.

5KW sounds very big and Craft Punk is space limited. It was my idea to try make all the screen printing equipment to be able to be packed away into a small space when not in use. Also collimation of the light is nice because then the exposure unit can be used for brass and pcb etching.

As far as what equipment/upgrades I would like to see done for craft punk for screen printing


1, Plumbing in a tap and drain inside craft punk.
2, Easy to install light proof curtains


1, Scoop coater[s] ($60 to buy both a small and large)
2, UV exposure unit ($700ish for commercial unit DIY better and cheaper)
3, Clean washout booth ($700ish commercial DIY from a few 100)
4, Light proof drying rack ($300ish commercal and not light proof)
5, A dedicated hose with better nozzle for the dirty washout (paint)

Less useful and more expensive in either $ or space taken up so I would not recommend straight away.

7, Multi colour station (never built one myself)
8, Flash drier (would never consider building one just buy)

hi these are Olite units x 2 they were used for large PCB manufacturing units would have been top of the range and worth somewhere near $40K new each ,

this isn’t a picture of my units but someone else’s who has mounted on stand to give you an idea of size,


Chino - they look awesome though scary large for the space in craft punk.

Will see what other people think about the size.