Screenprinting Equipment

Hello Craftpunk,
I’d like to know what you think about The Screenprinting Gear.
I’d love to see the screenprinting gear up and running, but until a member seriously has the knowledge, time and desire to make it happen, I’d like to suggest we rehome the gear to the 40’ container after the upcoming DooOOOOmM Weekend.
We can label the gear in the container so it’s known what it is and why it’s there. And in Craftpunk have a sign to say this equipment is available to anyone with the vision to take it out of storage and get it up and running.
This will free up some space in the Crafrtpunk room to better organise the gear that is currently functioning.
Whatdayareckin? :slight_smile:

Sorry, it’s important we keep that clear so we can work on the container. Perhaps it can be packed away into the store room or under a table in craftpunk or something?

I thought the container was destined to be storage for machinery, tooling and Woodshop supplies? As such I thought the screenprinting equipment would qualify as tooling?

All good if I’ve misunderstood. :slightly_smiling_face:

Otherwise, underbenches in Craftpunk is already a clutter of storage boxes and stuff that needs better organising. Hence the thought to make room by rehoming a currently non functioning, but high potential, piece of kit.

We could check the storeroom? But I thought it was intended for storage of Space-wide stuff, and not Cause storage.

Other thoughts are somewhere in the Lounge, boxed up in a corner? Or in the ex-Games room? Or annex a small corner of member storage?

Not really, its just been filled with junk. The plan has always been, since day one, to partition it into 2-3 spaces. A boilerroom for the extractor and compressor, and then one or two other spaces. The proposals for these other spaces have changed a few times but I think the ideas that are sticking currently are hot works (kiln etc) and painting area. Nevertheless, we can’t do the work on the container to make this stuff happen if its full of other stuff.

That would be a question to ask @Pommygirl

  • Lounge: Not really a place for storage
  • Ex games room: could work in a very temporary sense but with all the causes moving about the place not for long.
  • Members storage: Potentially?

If craftpunk does split into clean/dirty areas as discussed, would there be enough space to have the equipment then?

Even if we do go with clean and dirty areas there is still, imho, a lot of clutter in Craftpunk. The jewelry station, last time I saw it, was sitting out at an angle away from the wall, I think to give it some accessibility to power?. The ‘messy bench’ is covered with beads which are a seperate management/rehoming issue. The vinyl cutter and rolls of vinyl are currently on the floor tucked under the desk with the Sublimation gear on it.

The overall impression whenever you walk in is that 2 things need to be rearranged to make room to do the 1 thing you might want to do. Maybe that’s just me.

I was hoping to gauge the feeling about moving/storing the currently unusable screeennprint gear out somewhere? so as to make the accessibility of gear that is getting some love ATM easier.
I guess if people think that’s ok, then finding where to store it is another problem.