Security Grill

Pretty sure the last thing to do is fix the security grill over the window. Then we can get stuck into organising the Room! Hazzah!!!

Following are my observations/ramblings and I’m happy for people who know better to correct me.

The grill is 2960mm x 1170mm. The window is 3040mm from outer edge to outer edge of the vertical side timbers, and 1180mm from the top of the sill to the underside of the window cap.

So the grill will fit in under the window cap and sit on the window sill and be fastened to the centres of the vertical timbers on either side of the window.

Before we can fasten the grill in place, we will need to cut out some sections of the grill, to allow a screw hole to be drilled centre in the frame. Four holes on each verticle side, and not damaging the welds that hold it together. Theses holes should then be sprayed with zinc it, paint etc.

As far as I can tell, the left vertical timber of the window seems in pretty good condition, not rotten and firmly in place. The right is ok, not rotten, but a little wiggly, so perhaps some refastening of it into the building first. I suspect it’s ok, but a second opinion is good. The paint is badly peeling/has peeled off both. Do we need to prep/protect the timber with paint?

Josh has given us 8 x juicy screws from Woodshop.


  1. Finish frame prep - cut drill paint
  2. Check timbers each side of the window - repair if needed
  3. Screw the grill into place. - rejoice

Stuff required that might be hard to find at the space.

  • Decent metal drill bits,
  • Junior hacksaw for fiddly cutting of the grill, unless there is an angle grinder with a nice cutoff wheel in it.

I’d be happy to work on this on Tuesday night, weather permitting. Is anyone else interested/available to work on it then?

Pax vobiscum! :slightly_smiling_face:


HeyHo, Anyone want to check my thinking on this stuff? I’m happy to drill/prep the grill tonight, if this seems like the way to do it. I also have some other hex headed screws that aren’t countersunk and may be a better fastener to use. Cheers.

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To me, this looks clearly thought through (with thorough thinking), and I can’t see any flaws. If any pop up during the installation process, then I’d be consulting the woodshop guys on getting around it, but lets burn that bridge when we get to it :wink:

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