Server rack needed

Server rack needed, hi would there be a spare server rack around that could be donated to a local community group? This request comes from my Rotary club for a group called C4K which recycles computers to the less fortunate. Regards richard

I believe there’s two we’ve tried to get rid of a few times in the front area.

We have 3 racks on site that if they don’t get rehomed, we will be throwing
them out. So grab em while they’re hot!

Should we install one in the machine shop before we give them all away?
Since this is the room that we still need to wire up and will have cat5 everywhere…

I don’t know, should there be? I’d rather use them than throw them out but
they’re just in the way right now.

There were 4 but Bec has started coopting one for a project apparently.

This is an old thread, but would one of those cabinets still be available?

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