Server room computers (cleanout?)

So we’ve got a reasonable stack of desktops just chilling in the server room. A majority of these are Celerons and Pentium D’s, along with some Core 2 Vpro’s.

Would anyone be against getting rid of most of the Celerons and maybe Pentium D’s leaving space for the less prehistoric machines?

To my knowledge they are all mostly working, they are sitting there waiting for someone to hold a class where a high number of computers are needed.

They were donated to us for that purpose, so unless we can replace them with a better model 1 for 1 then I would be reluctant to “throw them out”.

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Ah fair enough. I was under the impression they were just taking up space waiting for a use. All good.

Pentium D computers are only useful in occasional classes. It consumes more power than the cost of itself if you use them as all-day-on workstations, but it is faster than other computers at the same age. IN a class room, its heat would impress the pupils with the power of computing! If no objection I would simply label them as classroom computers. Core 2 computers can be re-purposed IMHO. Hackstation 02 (is there a hackstation 01?) seems to be a frequently-used PC judging by the human skin residue on its mouse, yet only have AMD Dual Core. Since it is Linux, repurpose is as simple as swapping HDD, no re-install needed. I hosted Linux intro classes in China before for both pupils and geeks, if anyone’s interested?

Yeah, the Pentium D’s I would have probably kept, but the celerons are only going to useful for pretty simple classes. As the ubuntu machine is working reasonably well it’s probably not worth swapping out.

Can we label the Pentium D for classroom and swap celerons into a separate cornor in the server room so the next guy who have to clean some space out of the room and decided to be the skipgoat (to be blamed for removing donations) knows which ones to remove first? That’s a tiny step forward without needing general consent. (maybe it’s already done). We can do this together today. Also do a quick check if every machine boots if they haven’t been checked so. I’d be happen to upgrade some units with more memory like I did with hackstation 02, and swap out a performant machine to be the new hackstation. Thermoelectric can we do this together to share the blame afterwards:) ?

most of them were configured and ready to roll.

However, Josh and myself opened a few up last year and noticed that alot of
them were missing thier ram, which was present on arrival.