Sewing machine conundrum

Hey Craft punk.

I collated some info regards sewing machines if you’re interested.

From what i understand we want a industrial sewing machine, some thing that will sew leather and is indestructible/unfuckable.

Industrial machines are usually fixed units including a table. So it will need and specific space allocation. Industrial machines can only sew dress leather, not some one sewing thick armour for cosplay.

Machines that specificaly sew leather cannot necessarily sew garment fabrics.

Further more, damage to an industrial sewing machine is expensive to have repaired.

There are affordable second hand industrial machines. The advantage is they can sew thick denim, like jeans. Which is harder to do on a domestic machine without experience.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an indestructible machine. Like most other things at the space, damage is user error, comes down to inductions, communication, and servicing the machine.

So the suggestion from me and my people is to service the brothers, particularly since when they are damaged from misuse they are easily repaired and cheaply. And if anything buy a second hand industrial machines as a fixed feature. The only advantage of which is to sew thick denim.

Let’s open up this conversation with any constructive feedback, opinions, and requirements from craft punk etc.

Let’s keep it positive.

I would love an industrial sewing machine in the space - that would be my first choice

You might also like to consider a cobblers sewing machine - usually handcranked and takes up a smaller space - smaller in price but the downside is that they are slower than the industrial machines.

Worth thinking about?

Here is an example

Hi Zach, I have a sewing machine which has been used to sew leather which I would be glad for either the Space or someone else interested in it, to put to good use. I can bring it over in a day or so and you can take it for a spin. Cheers, Steve

Hi Steve.

That would be amazing. If you’re donating a sewing machine to the space or a person. I would be happy to pick it up. Drop it in members storage. Then I will work out if we want it for craft punk or if craft punk don’t want it then maybe I will :slight_smile:

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Hi Zach, I have left in member’s storage:

  1. the sewing machine plus the foot controller
  2. various boxes of leather tools
  3. a small anvil in a stand.
    Please rummage thru it all and take what the Space or individual members want. Let me know when you all have rummaged all that to death and I will take away what remains. Could I have back the large black 52L box, thanks. Cheers, Steve

Excellent. Thanks Steve, I will have a look with in the week :smiley:

Hey guys, I’d love to pick up the sewing machine and leather tools, I want to start learning with these things after I was inspired by my grandfather when he gave me his own embossed piece.

If I can’t make good use of it I promise to donate it back!

My first opportunity to grab them may be Friday but as I’ll be at a shift at work visiting eatstreet if I don’t get a chance I’ll for sure come in on Sunday to grab em?

Hi, I’m gonna swing by this afternoon to grab these of that okay? They are in members storage? Will there be any particular marking to let me know where they are so I don’t accidentally grab the wrong item?

Hi Kyia

I’ll be in after 6. So i can help then if needed. however there should only be one box with a sewing machine and leather tools in in members storage.