Sharing Bank Account Details

Hi everybody! I’ve made a post a couple of days, which is hiding atm because of the following reasons.

Now the teams have bank accounts that allow the general membership to make donations or any kind of payment directly to the teams.
I’d like to say, probably @Antifoo can bring more light into the subject, but i don’t know how “hwo real” this accounts are. What I’m trying to say is that the money goes into our team/budgetly platform. For instance, i don’t know if, even if i want to, i could subscribe to a monthly server with this details or pay for something with them. The way we use the team’s money is by credit card, and the details to this credit card are obviously kept safe and not being share.

What happened is that @hovo said that we shouldn’t share the bank details publicly and then he was supported by @Antifoo .

Personally, i don’t even know how you could get hack. Without being technical about, we are a business and commonly business share they details quite openly.

Anyway, we need to find a solution for this. We need a way, in which we can share this information quickly and easily, so members can donate/pay to the teams hassle free.

Murray suggested hanging a sign on the shop with the details, which virtually makes it quite public, but my concern is that if you’re not in the shop you can’t figure what the details are.

I suggested making a bot on discord that will reply with the details, but people still found this to be too “open”

Then Murray suggested to pass the details by DM, which i’d try to avoid having to do this.

Could we perhaps make a bot that DM’s the person who ask for the details only?

like you go !woodshopbank, and then you get a private message that says “bsb:xxxxx, account"xxxxxx” ??

What do you guys think?

my 2 cents

Were the details a payID? A payID can only be used to deposit funds and can’t be used for anything else as far as I understand.

With BSB & Account numbers - someone could potentially set up a fraudulent direct debit but the bank/institution would be liable as it’s up to them to verify the signature. Plus getting past the banks automated checks, on an never before used random direct debit. It would be quite the achievement to get past all of that.