Sheet plastic suppliers?

I know a few people have been looking into acrylic suppliers around Brisbane but I can’t seem to find a list of tried-and-true plastic sheet suppliers (maybe we should make a sticky for such a purpose?)

So my query is this: does anybody know of a supplier to buy an A3 sheet of 1mm polycarbonate and an A3 sheet of ~6mm ABS? I found that has great prices but a minimum spend of $140 on each type of material you need.

Just googled around a bit and found that same website pop up that was posted for the acryllic sheets…

"Polyguard UV2 Polycarbonate A3 Size 420 x 297 x 1mm Sheet. Pack of one.

Price:AUD $4.55"


If you can’t find anywhere else, perhaps other people might be interested in a group buy ?

I will be going to the plastic supplier I posted up above on Friday. Any orders? I’ll even foot the bill if people don’t have the cash available. Payment plan it I’m not fussed hey.

Pm me your orders and I’ll grab them for next Tuesday. I’ll be going around 2pm

I’m going to purchase a few donation pieces of 4.5mm clear acrylic. What size can the laser cutter take ?? A3 or 600*300 be okay?