Shelving for laser room

I have built 2 shelving units for the laser cutter room.
the idea is that if it won’t fit in the shelf they won’t fit in the laser (there is a little bit of wriggle room so 500x700 sheets don’t get stuck)

they are currently sitting on the pallet jack in the assembly room, if someone would like to paint them that’s cool (I don’t know if there is any “space paint” that is available to use.

I will be in either Friday or next Tuesday to install them.


nice work!

If anyone is after some scrap perspex let me know. Just off cuts.

Those are awesome!
Can I request some shelving for the workshop area?
I can work with you and other members to create some practical storage solutions in the workshop, @rut4ger do you have any ideas what you need for storing all that new stuff that’s on the weld bay table?