Shitty Robot Wars: Part Deux

The return of the wildly successful Shitty Robot Wars, on 11th of March (pending confirmation).

The Spirit of the Game.

We’re all trying to win, but no one likes a try hard. It’s about the hack, not the win.

Day Layout.

Build starts at 8am, finishes at 3pm.

At 3:30pm will be the “Swimsuit Round”. Contestants will be given a score out of 10 on level of hackery, and a score out of 10 for overall shittiness. If your bot looks like it stands a good chance to win the Battle Round, you probably won’t score well here. This will determine the overall winner of this part of thecompetition, which is purely aesthetic.

The “Battle Round” will be immediately proceeding the Swimsuit Round. Bots will Battle one another in a single knockout tournament, consisting of a single round to the ‘death’ with a maximum amount of time of 3 minutes per round. The match ups will be randomly drawn from a hat, and proceed through successive knockout rounds until there is a victor.

One wins the battle round by pushing the opponent out of the ring or completely immobilising the opposition. Should there be no victors after 3 minutes, the round will be declared a draw and both bots will proceed to the next round.

Should your robot be unable to function due to mechanical or electrical failure either self-caused or otherwise, you will be given 30s before you will lose the round.

There will be a minimum of 5 minutes between rounds to allow the competitor to perform emergency repairs, however the repairs cannot significantly change the weaponry/function of the robot, or in any way exceed the existing rules.


  • Everything must be built on the day, within reason. i.e. no rocking up with a half built machine.
  • $25 parts limit - this will be at the scrutineers discretion as to the worth of the parts you’ve put in your bot.
  • No whining about a scrutineers decision until after the tournament is over.
  • Although weaponry will be shitty, we still need some element of safety for the pilots/crowd. No ‘spinners’, no ‘wedges’, no flammable liquids. This will be at the discretion of the scrutineer. If you have an idea that is preeeeetty sketchy or will be close to pushing the limits of the rules, please check with the scrutineer prior to finishing the build.
  • Robot can be tethered, but the tether can be used for no other purpose other than to carry electrical signals/power.
  • Battle Arena will be a 1mx1m square.
  • All machines must be able to be contained in a 300mm internally dimensioned cube.
  • Weight limit of 1.5kg, not including controller.

Strap your flippin socks on.

haha giddy up!