Show us your project, 8pm 28/10

Come along with something cool you’ve built or building or doing or hacking and show it off to your fellow hackers!

We will be having up to 30min of 3-5min + questions lightening talks to show off what people at the space have been up to. Register your interest in this thread if you’d like to show off your project!

We’re hoping to run these fortnightly on opposing weeks to meetings :smile:

Talks will start from 8pm.


Sounds like a good idea Devians, we should make sure we are on the ball to photograph (possibly even video?) this when it happens so that we can put it on the website. I feel its these little bits an pieces of social media (like the cool photograph\caption of people in top hats yesterday) that really show HSBNE as a fun and active community to members outside of the core group.

Unfortunately due to my location I won’t be able to bring in any gear for this purpose, but I know we have a good few keen photographers\videographers in the membership. Thus if this is something you’d be interested in or feel you could help out with it’d also be good if you could mention so in this thread.

I will be doing a show and tell about arcade units, My main arcade will be playable on the night with a few thousand games available with other emulators not just M.A.M.E so come along and check it out,

I will be talking about the building of the arcade, costs and plans for the future/next arcade unit. I can also offer support to others that are looking to make their own arcades.

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