Signage Working Bee! A better late than never official announcement

I’m been telling people about it, put it in the latest all-members email, and posted it on the big whiteboard, but forgot to Offically communicate it!

The next Working Bee is on the 18th of January. The aim of this Bee is signage and Wiki updates, so, starting from 10am in the classroom, the joys of writing, printing, and laminating will be available, as well as the delights of aircon and a free pizza lunch. If you can think of anything that needs a sign, or a wiki page you’d like to see updated, please reply to this thread to make it happen.

We have some templates whipped up by the always awesome @ian.kerr.redmond, and plan to finish up around 2pm.


Thought I’d plop these here… these are some of the signs that were worked on.

I myself spent more time resetting passwords on the stack of laptops in the classroom, and dd-ing the contents of one of the laptops over the dead Windows 7 install of one other laptop. (The machine was stuck in a dreadded BSoD-loop.)

Upshot is we went from having 7 laptops that couldn’t be used by anybody (because no one knew the passwords) to 7 laptops that are free for use in classes, as well as two copies of the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS LiveDVD which was used to recover the machines (thank you chntpw!).

I might try re-printing some of those bigger A3 posters, since the printer at HSBNE did not want to co-operate. Thankfully, there’s a working A3 printer here. If I get this done, I’ll leave them in the classroom for people to laminate and put up Tuesday afternoon/evening.

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Thank you again @Redhatter and the other members of WICEN for volunteering your time and efforts today, I’m hoping the new posters about WICEN get you some interest, and the revival of the laptops is an awesome tick on the to-do list :smiley:

Another notable event today was the securing of new worktables by @Paula_ODonnell, it’s been a point of long discussion in Craftpunk and Paula snatched up some perfect ones at Lifeline today, Thank you Paula!

The third thanks goes to @Rich for sourcing and uploading to our Google drive a ton of equipment procedures and safety documents, which we will get printed out, laminated and added to the relevant machines. (If you can help with this, please shoot me a message)

And as always, thanks must go to @riumplus for creating new QR codes, @jabelone put them with NFC tags so members can tap or scan to open the wiki page on any machine in Digifab, which makes learning about these machines much easier to access!

Also thanks to @jabelone, @nogthree, @ian.kerr.redmond and @devians for coming today to sort out some new signage, re-work the Wiki and look into software tools for better (and easier!) management of the space. We didn’t get much as much as we would have liked ticked off the list, but we have a new and improved site map and some more informative things posted, we hope this will make coming to the space easier to understand and use.

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So I’ve got most things printed… I did 3 copies of each of the A3 posters… or at least I tried to.

The printer had other ideas… @vk4mdl will not be happy. (Damn you Xerox… between the GUI and the printer you gave us two practical jokes!)