Silly Stickers

Let’s play a little game to see who’s paying attention… :smiley:

If you’re one of those people who notices little things, you might have seen a few silly stickers stuck to stuff around the space. I’m not responsible for all of them, but I have a whole bunch of these that are designed to blend in really well - so well you’d ignore them if you didn’t stop to actually read them. I’ve decided to start slowly applying more stickers wherever appropriate. Keep your eyes open and you might just spot one! :eyes:

After they’ve been up for a while, I’ll post a closeup of them with their location in this thread. No spoilers, please! :stuck_out_tongue:

To get us started, here’s an obvious one that most people should know about because it’s been around for a long time - there’s an “actual size!” sticker stuck to the front of the oversized can on our drinks machine.

(“They’re actual size, but they seem much bigger to me…”)

And now for one that you might not have noticed… Did you ever look closely at the First Aid/PPE cabinets in the Green Room? It turns out that there may be some extra benefits to wearing PPE beyond keeping safe…


There are others up around the space that I haven’t mentioned here, and I’ll be adding more over the coming weeks/months. Happy hunting! :wink: :eye:


I will confess to the Dropbox stickers on the toilets. I have plenty more if anybody would like to pretty up their home toilet.