Simple CAD program for 3D printers

Digifabbers may be interested in a little 3D CAD program I have written. It is not unlike Sketchup, or the sketching mode of Fusion360. However, it aims to address some annoyances of those. (annoyances to me, anyway…) and be of use particularly to 3D printing. There is an installer at . It is not at all finished or complete, and therefore I’m actively working on it and will track all issues and fix things. It is, of course, open source and free for all.

If you play with it and find an issue, or have a request, open an issue on github under the above address, or message me (I’ll put out a more direct way to do this if any traffic is involved)


I haven’t tried it out yet (this laptop does have Windows 7 installed in a separate partition, but I boot it once in a blue moon) but I might have a look and see if I can get WINE installed and compile your program against that. If I manage, I’ll contribute the Makefile needed.

One thing you should consider is putting a LICENSE or COPYING file there, dictating what the license is for the software. Maybe the MIT or BSD license if you just wish to assert copyright and don’t care what people actually do with the source code, or if you really don’t care about claiming copyright, you might prefer putting a public domain license on it.

I went looking for screenshots or a demo video to get an idea of how complete it is and the user experience and was unable to find them so I gave up.

Thanks for the tips. Licencing will be taken care of soon - it depends on other libraries that have their own licences, so I’ll have to take those into account. As far as demos or videos are concerned, I’m really not at that stage yet. I’m updating the help files as we speak, though.

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