Small CNC How too

This is a brief how too

for those inducted on Sven Hanzka’s green and orange(lights) cnc in the wood working room.

Preparing your files

  • Import stl from cad or thingyverse into Cut3D or Freemill or similar
  • Set units to mm’s
  • Orient model home position
  • Add material dimentions
  • Set speed and feed rates (conservative) [we used 2mm depth 120mm/min with our 3mm cutter]
  • Check tool path settings
  • Post Processor settings[ G Code mm (*.tap) ]
  • Look at the estimated time and weep

The Machine/Computer

  • Password is the same as the wifi
  • Put your gcode on the desktop (because usb wiggs out sometimes mid route)
  • Open program “Universal G Code Sender
  • Set home position on material manually [be sure to remember the orientation of your material in cad and that the y axis is backwards]
  • Spool up the motor
  • Hover hand over kill switch and click ‘Go’

Success ! :smile:

Remember this machine is capable of self destricution and personal injury. End mill (fancy drill bit) not supplied. Please only use if inducted. Talk to @Svenska or @Hally or any awesome member to find out how.