Small router PC up for grabs

I have a little mini-itx embedded cpu, like a gig of ram sort of machine. My brain seems to think its a intel dlg 20 something y something something motherboard? I bought it off @Lemming a lifetime ago.

It’s having some intermittent boot issues, probably bad ram or something. I don’t care enough to debug but am confident its probably fine with some help. Comes in a nice case, cd drive etc. Currently runs an old pfsense install, has 2 nics.

Free to an interested home if you pick it up. Exchange for a cold cider greatly encouraged :slight_smile:

Only accepts Dickens brand cider.

bump someone take this off me.

I’m bumping this because I found where I had stashed this.

If someones keen for it please speak up otherwise I’m probably going to bin the little fella.

Gee… You must be thirsty by now!

I am interested, Do you still have this??

I literally just dropped it off to the space yesterday. It’s in the boneyard in a cardboard box marked ‘pfsense box’

ill come get it!