Source for precision / ground rod in BNE?

Just a quick question;

Does anyone know good suppliers in BNE for precision / ground rod?

I’m in need of 6, 8 and 12mm of good straightness, finish and hardness

How long does it need to be? there is a box in the bone yard with some 300mm long pieces off printers. Probably no 12mm dia though…

Hales in Coopers Plains sells Silver Steel if that helps? They’re on Richland Avenue.

It’s for a printer gantry and needs to be darn parallel, so I’d far prefer buy new to guarantee that it’s

  • Straight (flying gantry)
  • smooth (rotating and sliding blocks)
  • hard (don’t want to have to service them from wear)

Dia 8mm length:337mm — 2pcs
Dia 8mm length:348mm — 2pcs
Dia 12mm length:344mm — 2pcs
Dia 6 mm length:320mm — 1pc
Dia 6 mm length:301mm — 1pc

I have some 6mm for in a pinch, but they are slightly rusted and pitted :frowning:

Silver Steel is centreless ground rod to a tolerance of 0.013mm, (does not contain silver, that refers to how shiny it is.) When I worked at Hales they had it in stock, and they accept walk in customers.

Might want to call ahead and check if Ken is at premises, and double check lengths sold, he does go out on sales calls.